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Create A Life You Love



Unlock Your Souls True Potential

Because it’s about ALL of You!

Here, we take a whole-istic approach to well-being. Bringing mind, body and soul into alignment with one another, because that’s what'll bring you to the heights of your fulfillment. Here we call it Heal, Discover, Design & Lifestyle. The 4 tenents of living a full and complete fulfilling life.

The ReClaim Mission

Hey Beautiful!
I know who you Are, and I know what you Want!
  • Heal from the Past & Make Way for a Brand New Future 

  • Discover who you Authentically Are & Love Yourself Fully!

  • Live in Full Alignment With Your Soul's True Path & Purpose

  • Live a Phenomenal Lifestyle: Fulfilled, Confident, Abundant & Free

Pink Skirt

So, did you know You Can Have it All?

It's all here for you!

Because it's an Expression of YOU!

When you ALIGN & EMBODY the DEEPEST TRUTH of Who You Are, 
You're Able to CREATE the LIFE You TRULY DESIRE.

You're Able to CREATE the LIFE You TRULY DESIRE.

Campsite by the Sea - Rosemary Hernandez

I'm Rosemary

A personal development, soul alignment & life by design enthusiast, here to help you develop your inner compass so that your outer world matches your inner world and is in alignment with the reflection of your soul.

I guide people just like you to release limiting beliefs, discover new depths of their soul, and journey to a world of pure creation, so that you can begin to design a life you truly love.

And I want to show you how to do the same...

Relentlessly claim who you’re meant to be, and manifest your greatest Life!

When you stop looking for answers outside of yourself, you come to the realization, that...

You're The One You've Been Looking For! - Boho Sun

Life reflects who you are!

When you look within, you're able to find all the places where you're not loving yourself enough, where you still need healing, or what longs for more attention.  All these places are wanting to return to your love, to your light, so that they can be completely seen, heard and loved!

You're Enough!

The Incredible you, is simply waiting for you to shine brightly as you innately do! When you rediscover the beautiful, loving you that you are, the whole world in turn reflects that back to you!

USContemplationOrig4016x6016-min (1).jpg

So Where Do you Start?

You can start with a free gift, from me!

I’ve created a few gifts to help you on your Journey! So whether you're on your healing journey, a Discover, Design or Lifestyle Journey, there's something special here for you that'll help you grow and expand into a greater version of you!  


Grab one or ALL of the gifts. - Boho Sun2

Embody your Natural State of Being...

Are You Ready?

To see yourself as beautiful, incredible, and worthy of all the things you dream about like having an amazing relationship, partner, family, health, wealth, travel, adventure and more.

Or, perhaps you’re ready to feel more feminine, elegant, rich, adored, unstoppable... more like you!

And guess what?

By reading these words, you already said YES to showing up for yourself. You’re already doing it!

Regardless of where you're at, at the moment, this is your opportunity to relentlessly claim who you desire to be and proclaim how you want to feel every day.

You’re about to discover how to transcend your thoughts, environment, feelings, relationships, and yourself so you can…

Embody the person you're meant to be!



How can I help you today?



Live from The Highest Expression of You!

Discover your soul gifts & take your life to the next level

We live our best life when our inner world matches our outer world. It's the highest expression of our soul, to bridge both worlds & live in harmony with the pure essence of You!

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Kind Words - Jennifer's Testimonial


Thank you! Appreciate your help on this journey and all the awareness you brought to light. It helps that you can see from a higher perspective when I’m knee deep in it. - Alicia's Testimonial


You have given me the message I needed with reassurance and healing. Thank you so much for being here and offering your work.

Young Man with Black Hat


A treasure trove of spiritual insight. Thank You so much for everything over this past year. I am eternally grateful for you and your guidance.



Such great advice from a beautifully, genuine soul. Thank you for your healing inspiration!

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