Here at FullCircleJourney, we take a wholistic approach to your well-being.

It's bringing Mind, body and soul into alignment with one another, because that’s what'll bring you to the heights of your fulfillment. Here we call it Heal, Discover, Design & Lifestyle. The 4 tenents of living a fully and completely fulfilling life.

Because it’s about ALL of You!

Most people are taught to follow the crowd, be like everyone else, play it safe, or told not to stand out too much.

A cookie cutter solution to a unique, one of a kind you will never work.

That's why it’s almost impossible to find true fulfillment by seeking for it out there.

Have you ever wondered if there's more to life?

Are you struggling to find true fulfillment?

Feeling uninspired, unmotivated and looking to find something more meaningful and purposeful in life, but not quite sure what that is yet?

Finding yourself isn't always easy, especially living in a world filled with so many distractions and constantly being pulled in a million different directions.

Sometimes you may think you've found it, but its luster is short lived, so you move onto the next best thing that temporarily fills that void, until that familiar feeling returns once again.


Is this You?


I'm Rosemary...

A personal development, soul alignment & life by design enthusiast, here to help you develop your inner compass so that your outer world matches your inner world and is in alignment with the reflection of your soul

Welcome to the journey of self discovery, where you will release limiting beliefs, discover new depths of your soul, and journey to a world of pure creation, so that you can begin to design a life that you truly love.

Healing is releasing what no longer serves you, in order to make space for what does


Inner wounds are blockages that prevent you from fully reaching your highest ideals and aspirations in life. It's the necessary first step in clearing the path towards living your true authentic life.

“If there is something you really, truly want in your life, then you must set out to find the blocks within you that are preventing you from having it.”

~ Abraham Hicks

Discover your hidden talents


Create from your soul


Creating a life you love begins with finding out what your innermost hearts desires are. What brings you joy, what motivates you and feels good to your Soul.

All your gifts are already inside of you. It's simply time to discover what they are by giving yourself the ultimate gift of self discovery and beginning the journey of being true to YOU.

Find your inner truth


Ignite your inner spark


Designing your life is creating the life you whole-heartedly desire to live. It's putting the essential pieces in place in order to create the foundation for your ultimate life fulfilling future, by being authentically you.



Meaningful creations


LifeStyle is about living and loving your whole life. It's living a minimalistic conscious life, where you surround yourself with only what you love, thus meaningful creations. All else is empty noise.

Discover your souls gifts & take your life to the next level

We live our best life when our inner world matches our outer world. It's the highest expression of our soul, to bridge both worlds and live in harmony with the pure essence of You!

Live from The Highest Expression of


There is only One You! You are unique and special from the very beginning. It's time to live life according to You!

Kind Words


Thank you. Appreciate your help on this journey and all the awareness you brought to light. It helps that you can see from a higher perspective when I’m knee deep in it.

You have given me the message I needed with reassurance and healing. Thank you so much for being here and offering your work.


A treasure source of spiritual insight. Thank You so much for everything over this past year. I am eternally grateful for you and your guidance.



Yoga Instructor

Financial Advisor

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