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The Discovery phase is the very next step in your souls evolutionary growth. Just as in the healing phase, where you released all of that you were not, here you’ll discover more about yourself and who you authentically are.

This is where you’ll construct the building blocks of your soul from the ground up. You are not your friends, your siblings or your parents. You are YOU! A unique and beautiful embodiment of creation that exists in the entire realms of eternity... and there's no one else like you in the entire universe!

That's why your soul's journey and path can only be unique to you. Because within you are all the answers to finding what that truly is.

In this phase, you'll uncover and discover many details about yourself, you never knew existed. This is where the magic begins to happen for you as you enter into the world of your You-niverse!


Hello there, & welcome to the Discovery Journey!

Take 100% responsibility for your life and discover the magic that is you by putting your well-being, self- growth, and healing first.

You are not your past. You are the eternal Now. And in this moment, you have the power to create from a blank slate and create what truly matters to you from your heart. That's because when you create from the heart, your entire being sings with joy, and fulfillment overrides obligation.

After many trials and tribulations of searching for your souls purpose, you'll find it here. For your souls happiness is the ultimate destination of your souls evolutionary journey.

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Make the journey just as beautiful as the destination!

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the true You!

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Within you are all the possibilities to become the greatest version of you! As you open the door into your own being, you'll discover a beautiful world of creativity and passion that await you! And it's your's for the taking, if you..

You are Everything!




Home is where the heart is, and it's the truest place within you that feels most like you

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